A few words of introduction

Who are we?

Good Day. Greetings from the Zemans: We, Josef and Jana, are husband and wife. We brought up two sons, Dalibor and Ondra, but they are already grown-up and pursue their own goals. So our doggies became our main source of joy as well as concerns. Josef was always thinking about owning a big dog, but we lived in an apartment in Pilsen downtown, which would not be suitable for a big dog.

In 1997 we have bought a house with garden near Pilsen and soon afterwards welcomed our first furry friend to our family. Our question was, which dog breed to choose from, one which is family friendly. Our choice fell on a Leonberger. Leonbergers do not require extensive training, love all family members equally, have calm personalities, and are non aggressive, yet make an excellent guard dogs.

Our first entry into the canine world, named

Argo Me- Dojet, became part of our family immediately. He perfectly met our expectations as to the qualities of the Leonberger breed. And in our minds, ever since, we had distinguished all canines into two groups: Leonbergers and the rest of the "dogs". Six years later, we started thinking about introducing a friend to our Argo and so we did.

Alex B. Bora of Miloticky became our Leonberger number two. Unfortunately, he has since passed on. With animals, as with people, some live a long and ordinary life, another ones live shorter, but more intense and fulfilled lives. Lexy, as we called Alex, did not live too long, but he enjoyed himself a lot. He accompanied us everywhere possible, year-round, even travelled on holidays with us. Award-winning at many dog exhibitions throughout the Europe, he gave great joy to his masters. He has represented the Czech Leonbergers in Scandinavia, or in the UK at the Craft’s Exhibition (which is recorded in the Guinness World Records book as the world’s largest dog show). Indeed in many countries he was the first show dog Leonberger from the Czech Republic. He had received champion medals 21 times and thus by the sheer number of his titles became the world’s most successfully shown Leonberger. He was a remarkably good traveler and enjoyed himself tremendously munching on food. He has sired 51 offsprings so his bloodline continues.

We have brought Lexy a new friend coming from Germany on Christmas 2005. Our intent was to introduce here an unrelated bloodline. This was a task of

Ferdinand Freiherr vom Himmelwald, and he grew up into a big and friendly dog with a great personality. But unfortunately because of a subsequent emergence of a dental flaw, he did not qualify to sire offsprings as was planned. Despite of that, or maybe because of, Ferdy as we call him, became Jana's “little boy”.

There was also one girl dog addition to the family in 2007, Lexy's daughter

Celesta Najmurska Cesta, which came out from the second litter of his offsprings. Originally, she lived with one of our friend. Cilka, as we call here, inherited love of travel and love of "good" food from her father. She was very successful as a show dog and won a great number of awards at many exhibitions, both at home and abroad. She became seven-time champion and won many exhibitions. Cilka was always a hyperactive dog with a personality which would not allow her to play a dismissive role.In 2009 we have established the “From Leo’s Home“ Breeding Station and had Cilka covered by a beautiful Champion dog from Germany. Cilka was successfully covered and gave birth to puppies. We agreed upon to return Cilka back to her previous domicile with our friendly family. This was a good decision. We started having troubles with our dogs because they were jealous of each other not to mention when Cilka was on heat. But it does not mean that we have renounced her. She is still ours and can travel with us or go to the exhibitions together with her daughter Betyna. But no one can tell what will come next. Now a doggie remained with us again. And history is repeating itself.

Aron From Leo’s Home is the grandson of our Lexy. He is a boy who has always been heard and able to assert himself and who inherited love of travel and good food from her mother, but probably from Lexy, too. He had been ignored and dismissed by Ferdy in the beginning, but eventually they became inseparable friends.

In 2009 we have established the “From Leo’s Home“ Breeding Station. Our first successful arrivals were Cilka's litter produced with a beautiful champion dog coming from Germany. But because of jealousies amongst the dogs, the best solution was to return Cilka later to her awaiting and loving adoptive family. She still often shares her time with us, and travels with us and her daughter Betyna as a companion to various dog exhibitions. Now we have another male dog with us again in the persona of

Aron From Leo’s Home, the grandson of our Lexy. He is an assertive boy who can always be counted on being heard and seen. We can see that he has inherited the love of travel and good food from his mother's side, all the way from Lexy. On a personal side, in the beginning, he was ignored and dismissed by Ferdy, but eventually they became inseparable friends.